About Facilitation

An approach for context and motivation

My approach is collaborative; in most cases the people that I work with know their company intricately, have plenty of ideas for improvement and understand their competitive environment very well. Using appropriate models and tools the best solutions for my clients’ context can be formulated together.

If you cannot stimulate enthusiasm you will never achieve the self-perpetuating cycle of achievement that comes from everyone driving the achievement of a solution together. And without collaboration, input and buy-in you are unlikely to motivate everyone to this end. An important component of achieving this is getting involvement in crafting the solution, especially when formulating a strategy that will require multiple parties to implement successfully. All too often some participants are ignored, perhaps they are too pessimistic for the group. In this example the “obstacles” should be seen as the voice of reason and risk that must be used to mitigate and stay grounded in reality when the “dreamers” get creative. Often it’s a matter of personality, a dominant person that overshadows certain others and quashes their views and contributions. A skilled facilitator will dilute this and provide space for all to contribute, increasing intellectual and emotional commitment.