About Facilitating Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Supporting business-unusual and

So your business strategy is defined and now you need to translate that into a strategy for Marketing to deliver against. The marketing strategy directly supports the business strategy (business-unusual) and must also support business-as-usual. Both are essential for a complete marketing strategy that drives your business towards its vision and maintains (and strengthens) your market position by addressing all elements of the marketing mix (including brand) and thereby empowering a reinforcing effect between these elements. For example, if you have a strong brand that would likely not be a business-unusual strategic focus for your business. However, at a marketing strategy level brand strength is strategic; the business-as-usual activities, such as advertising, reputation management and PR, which generate that brand strength must be included (and updated and even improved) in the marketing strategy.

What is involved in having your marketing strategy facilitated…???

The process below describes the steps that are involved in formulating a marketing strategy. To some extent they are modular; certain steps can be expanded or contracted and they can be done at agreed dates/ periods and with varying degrees of involvement.

1. Briefing to understand the business strategy, current stakeholders and current service providers.
2. Rev
iew of the current marketing strategy if that is in place, marketing activities and rationale.
Interviews with key participants (existing team members and applicable service providers) to glean insights and inform the structure of the strategy session.
4. Preparation for the strategy workshop, according to needs identified.
5. Strategy workshop.
 Post workshop summary of outcomes.
7. Presentation for approval according to the applicable governance structure of the business.
8. Translation of the strategy to an annual plan for implementation.

Implementation requires change and programme management competence

Implementing a marketing strategy is fairly similar in process to any other functional strategy, involving communication, co-ordination, operation planning, resourcing, monitoring and improvement. This can become highly complex due to the number of activities, timing thereof and often the number of stakeholders and service providers involved in executing a marketing strategy. Strong change management and programme management skills are required.

What is involved in having your marketing strategy implementation facilitated…???

To facilitate the implementation of your marketing strategy we work closely with your applicable marketing related management (brand, product, comms, PR, marketing) to craft the implementation plan and set it up in an activity table that can be monitored and tracked.

Often there is a hand-holding phase to get momentum on the implementation and ensure that all stakeholders and service providers are aligned. During this time, implementation skills and techniques are shared with applicable marketing related management team members.

We are also often required to fulfil a continuous guiding oversight role to compensate for particular inadequate implementation skills, insufficient time or people.

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