At Setobe it’s all about strategy at business, function and personal levels; crafting the path for your success, laying the plans to make it happen and enabling implementation.

As the founder of this company I have a passion for creating practical solutions that enable big dreams. My experience in strategy, marketing and personal branding empower my delivery, together with strong facilitation.


About Facilitation
– An approach for context and motivation

About Facilitating Strategy
– Strategy is not a mystery but it is complex and it requires specific skills
– It’s an oversimplification to see vision, mission and values as your strategy, although they are strategic imperatives
– Operational actions alone do not constitute a strategy, but enabling sustainable competitive advantage does?
– Practicality is the first step to successful implementation
– What is involved in having your business strategy facilitated…???

I’d really like to chat to you about how you could get the most out of your strategy session and implementation thereof.

About Facilitating Marketing Strategy and Implementation
– Supporting business-unusual and business-as-usual
– What is involved in having your marketing strategy facilitated…
– Implementation requires change and programme management competence
– What is involved in having your marketing strategy implementation facilitated…???